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What is Marigold Therapy?
Marigold Therapy is a painless, non-invasive form of treatment which has been developed by combining various medicinal plants with different types of marigold. It is used in conjunction with podiatric treatments.

What are it’s uses?
Marigold Therapy can be used to treat many podiatric ailments including; hard skin (callus), corns, joint pain (bunion, ankle, toes), verrucae, fungal skin & nail infections, inflammation, eczema and ulcers.

An overview of the treatment
The problem area is first given podiatric treatment to ensure that it is prepared and sterilised. The Marigold Therapy comes in the form of a paste, a tincture, an oil and a cream, depending on the type, and stage, of treatment required. A pad with a cavity will be applied over the treated area and will be fixed securely.
The dressing must stay in place and should only be removed by your podiatrist, however, it is important that the dressing becomes wet on a daily basis as this revives the plant-based medication. Continuing to shower or bathe as per normal is therefore recommended. Once the clinical treatments have been completed, you will be prescribed a tincture and oil to continue using at home.

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